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Rutherford Trail

Recommended Uses:  
Hiking, Snowshoeing
Difficulty:  Intermediate
Length:  1.5mi
Location:  Lower TH (Trailhead) and parking lot at the end of 3rd st. in the southwest corner of Georgetown. Upper TH located in lower Silver Dale, along the Sporting Time trail.  Parking at 39.703954, -105.695783


The Rutherford trail provides an excellent hiking route from the SW corner of Georgetown up into Silverdale where it connects to the Sporting Times Trail.  This trail runs adjacent to Leavenworth Creek (shown on Google Maps as "South Clear Creek") with grade varying from 5-12% and is most appropriate for hiking and snowshoeing use, mostly due to the way it is built with narrow sections, obstacles and sharp turns.  The trail begins through a gate and up a dirt road towards the water tower and water facility along Leavenworth Creek.  A kiosk sign at the bottom provides a map and other information, QR code signs along the way mark historic locations.  The dirt road changes into a narrower trail after crossing the creek about 1/2mi up via a wide, sturdy bridge built in 2014.  The trail continues to climb uphill along Leavenworth Creek for another mile where it connects to the Sporting Times trail in Silverdale.  Several sections now have steps and wooden bridges, lifting the trail out of low lying areas.  More information.

7:30 Mine Trail

Recommended Uses:  
Difficulty:  Intermediate
Length:  2.3mi
Location:  TH (Trailhead) located in Silver Plume, at the end of Silver Rd.  Limited Parking at 39.697954, -105.725475

This is an old, narrow mining wagon road starting from the northern end of Silver Plume and winding up to the 7:30 Silver Mine.   The grade varies from 10-15%, providing a great workout for hikers and bikers alike.  The trail is lined with historical markers, long shuttered mines and old mining equipment along the way. The Griffin Monument, approximately 2 miles up, provides an excellent vantage point of the surrounding area.  Just over the creek near the end, about .2mi before the 7:30 mine, a rough hiking only trail winds its way up past tree line for those who have the energy to explore some more.  More information.