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Trail Master Plan RFP

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1. Does the county see this project more as a validation and cost estimation for these existing concepts, or come up with our own concepts?
2. Can you share a budget or budget range you had in mind for the project?
3. Can the P&L Insurance be waived? Most Professional Trail Planners and Trail Builders do not carry P&L insurance since there isn't a list of standards to be held to, i.e. ASTM, ANSI, etc.
4. Have you identified who the stakeholders are and if presentations/outreach efforts are required for those individuals/groups?.
5. Trailhead recommendations – What level of detail are you hoping for. I assume it is primarily location, size, and amenities provided and not plans or designs for trailheads. Correct?
6. What is the level and frequency of stakeholder engagement that is anticipated? In particular, the RFP mentions a presentation of the MP and review with stakeholders with follow-up meetings; when?
7. 7. Should the “Contract” section of the RFP (pgs. 12-25) be filled out and included in the proposal, and used as a template for Scope of Work or is this section used after bid selection is complete?