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Clear Creek County has a portal for browsing interactive maps
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Some of our interactive maps include:

  • Aerial Photography back to 1937
  • Parcels
  • Zoning
  • Right of Ways 
  • Commissioner Districts

Interactive Maps

Clear Creek County has developed many hard copy maps which are available to view  as PDF's.  These maps can be printed for a small fee. The Mapping Department can create a custom map for you, click here to send us a request.
Some commonly requested maps:

Water Resource Map

Clear Creek County provides free GIS data in a digital format that can be downloaded from our FTP site.  Click here to be re-directed to our FTP site.  If you need data that is not on the FTP site click here to submit a data request form.

  • Parcels
  • Roads
  • Town Boundaries
  • Contours
  • Commissioner Districts
  • Zoning

Download Data