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Clear Creek County Budget Survey

Clear Creek County is currently preparing our various budget(s), and we want to hear from YOU! As you know, we are faced with budget challenges over the next few years so it's important that prudent spending of tax dollars occur. Based on our budget projections, monies available for spending in the General Fund (which is the County's main funding source) will decrease by 37% between 2016 and 2020, mainly due to the reduction of activity at the Henderson Mine and potential mine closure. This translates into a $5.9M funding gap that we need to close over the next few years. In other words, our challenge is to find a combination of revenue increases and cost savings in the General Fund that equate to $5.9M by the year 2020.

This is where YOU come in! For the past couple of years county staff have been working on cost savings and revenue increases, identifying service levels and efficiencies, and many other components to overcome the anticipated budget shortfall. Tell us what is important to you. How would you like the County to spend your tax dollars — if you had to divide up one dollar on county services, what should be the priorities? Please take the survey below to assist us with the budget process. Thank you in advance for your engagement.
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Notes:  The County General Fund is primarily derived from property taxes, fees & permits, and state share revenues.  Primary expenditures are for general administration, planning & zoning, and law enforcement.  Special Revenue Funds (Road & Bridge, Open Space, Emergency Services (Fire)) come from specific taxes and other recommended revenue sources including state highway user’s tax, Federal/State grants and property taxes legally restricted to expenditure.

For more detailed budget information and overall information about your County, go to the 2015 Clear Creek County
Annual Report: