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1. Jones Pass Rd.

DISTANCE:  4.1 Miles (one way)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 10,304’/12,456’/2,237’
TH LAT/LON:  39.770508, -105.852709
LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District) 
RECOMMENDED USES:  Jeep, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, snowmobile
TYPE:  Dirt Road

GETTING HERE:  Jones Pass Rd. (FSR 144.1) begins across from the Henderson Mine, just west of Berthoud Falls off Hwy 40, approx. address 1746 Co Rd 202, Empire, 80438.

ABOUT:  Jones pass road travels above treeline for several miles until it dead-ends after crossing the Continental Divide.  Essentially a dirt road with some steep grades along the way, hikers, bikers and backcountry skiers will find it a challenging workout.  During the winter season, Jones Pass is open to snowmobiles, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat bikes and is groomed regularly by local business, Powder Addiction out of Empire, offering snowcat ride service for a fee to adventurous skiers - more information, visit

2. Butler Gulch Trail (Trail #144)

DISTANCE:  4.9 Miles (roundtrip)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 10,516’/11,926’/1,573’
TH LAT/LON:  39.77204, -105.85827
LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District) 
RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, biking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing
TYPE:  Singletrack

      GETTING HERE:  Butler Gulch TH is located on Jones Pass Rd. (FSR 144.1), west of Berthoud Falls, approx. 0.5 mi up Road 202 from Henderson Mine, approx. address 1746 Co Rd 202, Empire, 80438.

ABOUT:  The trail starts out as a narrow, closed road winding up through the forest at a slight grade, but about halfway up the grade becomes much steeper as the trail climbs through spruce/fir forest past the timberline until it ends at an open bowl with incredible views of the surrounding peaks.  This trail is great for viewing wildflowers in the summer and snowshoeing, backcountry skiing and fat biking in the winter.  You will notice many snowshoe and backcountry ski tracks made by backcountry explorers heading out from the main trail.

3. Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

DISTANCE:  35 Miles (one way)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 11,320’/14,270’/11,548’
TH LAT/LON:  Berthoud Pass TH:  39.798130, -105.776809
                        Argentine Pass TH:  39.608670, -105.800000
LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District) 
RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, *biking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing
TYPE:  Singletrack

GETTING HERE:  Argentine Pass TH: Take Hwy 6 east towards Keystone, then right on Montezuma Rd, travel 4.5 miles then left on Peru Creek Rd. (County road 260), continue until the dead end, park and walk 0.3 miles up the road to the trailhead on the right. The Berthoud Falls TH (large parking lot) is located 6 mi north of Berthoud Falls on US 40 west of Empire.

ABOUT:  The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) runs 3,100 mi between Mexico and Canada, crossing 5 states as it follows along the Rocky Mountains. The CDT section through Clear Creek County travels from James Peak to Argentine Pass (51.4 mi.) Several remote high elevation sections of the CDT make it a primitive, adventurous route. Unless you are a thru hiker, the trail is best traveled between Berthoud Pass and Argentine Pass (35 mi). Part of the route overlaps other trails and dirt roads through the County. * Not all sections are open to mtn bikes.

4. Herman Gulch (Trail #98)

DISTANCE:  6.4 Miles (roundtrip)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 10,294’/12,012’/1,853’
TH LAT/LON:  39.702491, -105.853941
LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District) 
RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing
TYPE:  Singletrack

GETTING HERE:  TH with large dirt parking lot on north side of I-70 at exit# 218.  Approximate Addr:  Watrous Way, Silver Plume, CO 80435.

ABOUT:  A former sawmill road, this trail winds its way up Herman Gulch at a moderate grade, but steepens significantly as the trail continues on to Herman Lake above treeline (marked with rock cairns).  Herman Gulch offers hikers and snowshoers a great walk through the forest, wildflower lined meadows and creeks, the occasional bighorn sheep or mountain goat, and fantastic views of the surrounding area year round.  This trail is very busy during the summer weekends, mtn bikes are allowed but not recommended due to trail configuration and significant hiker traffic.  Mountain bikers shuttling and riding downhill from Jones Pass Trail should use extreme caution. A portion of the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) overlaps most of the Herman Gulch trail and connects to the BLT (Bakerville Loveland Trail).

5. Watrous Gulch (Trail #95)

DISTANCE:  2.1 Miles (one way)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 10,294’/11,759’/ 1,558’
TH LAT/LON:  39.702491, -105.853941
LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District)
RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, snowshoeing
TYPE:  Singletrack

GETTING HERE:  TH with large dirt parking lot north side of I-70 at exit #218, approx. address Watrous Way, Silver Plume, 80435. 

ABOUT:  This steep, rocky trail winds upwards a little over two miles from the lower trailhead to a spot high up on Woods Mtn, not quite to the top.  At around the 1.3mi mark it intersects with the west end of the Bard Creek Trail.  Watrous Gulch is a great trail for those looking for a fitness challenge and awesome views on an uncrowded hike.  Mtn bikers heading downhill from the Bard Creek Trail should use caution. 

6. Bakerville Loveland Trail - BLT (Clear Creek Greenway Segment)

      LEVEL:  EASY
DISTANCE:  5 Miles (one way) 
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 9,776’/10,682’/1,218’
TH LAT/LON:  East TH:  39.69151, -105.80518

                              West TH:  39.68690, -105.88289
  LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District), CCGA
       RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, biking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing
  TYPE:  Singletrack

GETTING HERE:  East TH and parking lot in Bakerville, just south of I-70 at exit #221.  West TH on the frontage road at the east side of the Loveland Valley ski area at I-70 exit# 216.

ABOUT:  Paved multi-use recreation path, perfect for biking and hiking all year round, this trail has a somewhat uphill grade as it runs parallel to I-70 from Bakerville to the Loveland Valley ski area.  Snowcat grooming during the winter season provides an improved experience for fat bikes, cross country skiers and snowshoers.  The CDT (Continental Divide Trail) also overlaps with this trail, connecting to the Herman Gulch trail head at I-70 exit# 218.

7. Grays & Torreys Peaks (Trail #54)

DISTANCE:  8 Miles (roundtrip)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 11,236’/14,260’/3,765’
TH LAT/LON:  39.66077, -105.7847
LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District)
RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, snowshoeing
TYPE:  Singletrack

GETTING HERE:  I-70 to Bakerville, exit# 221.  Lower (overflow) parking area located at the bottom of Stevens Gulch road, 1/4 mi south of the exit.  Trailhead and upper parking lot 3 miles up Stevens Gulch Rd.

ABOUT:  The Grays and Torreys 14'ers are situated very close together on the continental divide, and normally combined into a single day hike. Grays Peak is the highest point on the Continental Divide, and as such provides fantastic views of the surrounding area.  This popular hike gets crowded on summer weekends, the upper parking lot fills up quickly and users must either park at the bottom of Stevens Gulch Rd. and hike the 3 miles up to the trailhead or park in one of the few pullouts along the road.  From the upper trailhead, the trail winds up the southern slope of Kelso Mountain for 1.85 miles, continue straight on to reach Grays Peak (the small trail on the right leads up Kelso Ridge to Torreys Peak).  When hiking both peaks in one day, take the trail to the left at the intersection 2.8 miles up to travel the route clockwise, hiking up Grays Peak first.  The trail crosses the north slope through a series of switchbacks until it turns southeast just before the final climb to the summit, about 3.75 miles from the trailhead.  From the summit of Grays Peak, Torreys Peak is less than a mile away.  Begin your descent down the North Ridge of Grays toward Torreys Peak and follow the trail through tight switchbacks for .4 miles to the trail junction with the Torreys Peak Trail. Follow the Torreys Peak Trail across the saddle between the peaks to the Torreys summit.  To return to the trailhead, descend back through the Grays-Torreys saddle and traverse across the North Slopes of Grays to join the Grays Peak Trail and descend the main trail back down.

8. Iron Fens / Geneva Basin

DISTANCE:  4 Miles (trail network)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 10,253’/11,798’/1,688’
TH LAT/LON:  39.572889, -105.794282
LAND MGR:  Clear Creek Open Space / USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District)
RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, biking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, *Jeep/OHV
TYPE:  4x4 roads 

GETTING HERE:  Follow Guanella Pass Rd to the top and turn on County Rd 1038 (FSR 119), Grant, CO  80448.  Follow the rough dirt road for 5 miles to the fork, past campsite #42.  Turn right at the fork to enjoy the Geneva Basin jeep/OHV trails or go left and follow the road a short way to the locked gate, this is the (non-motorized) Iron Fens trailhead.

ABOUT:  Located in the Geneva Creek Basin, the Geneva Creek Iron Fens are an amazing site; large areas of peat-forming wetlands receiving nutrients from upslope mineral soils and groundwater movement, they are quite reddish in color due to the iron in the ground water draining from surrounding calcareous rocks.  Feel free to hike (or bike) the non-motorized mile or so of old dirt roads that weave through the Iron Fen area, but please stay on trail as these Iron Fens are environmentally sensitive, this location is also registered as a Colorado State Natural Area.  * Jeep/OHV are not allowed in the Iron Fens area, only in the adjacent Geneva Basin 4x4 area.

The Geneva Basin jeep/OHV trails are a network of old mining roads now utilized by 4x4 enthusiasts near the Geneva Creek Iron Fens.  Many old mines, historic cabins and other structures litter the area, including the remnants of the Sill Mine.  Geneva Basin (also known as Upper Geneva Creek) is one of the more diverse trail networks in Colorado, offering amazing views of Geneva Basin and the valley along Geneva Creek up to what was Geneva City.

9. Silver Dollar Lake (Trail #79)

      LEVEL:  EASY
DISTANCE:  4.2 Miles (roundtrip)
ELEVATION START/HIGH/GAIN: 11,199’/12,208’/1,148’
TH LAT/LON:  39.607258, -105.727224
LAND MGR:  USFS (Clear Creek Ranger District)
RECOMMENDED USES:  hiking, biking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing
TYPE:  Singletrack

GETTING HERE:  Follow Guanella Pass Rd. to Silver Dollar Lake Rd., a rough dirt road for .7 mi to the Silver Dollar Lake TH. Park in the lot on the right. Silver Dollar Lake Rd is extremely difficult in winter conditions and users should park at the Guanella Pass Rd. intersection and hike the .7 mi to the TH.

ABOUT:  The Silver Dollar Lake Trail is great for hiking and wildlife viewing near three high alpine lakes. Silver Dollar Lake is a 1.6 mi hike from the TH, Murray Lake is another .5 mi beyond Silver Dollar Lake. Please be aware that Naylor Lake is private property, no access.