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  1. Road & Bridge

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Clear Creek County’s Road and Bridge Department works on a variety of projects across the 150 lane miles of paved roads, 170 lane miles of unpaved roads, and 7 bridges under the provisions of the National Bridge Inventory Standards over Clear Creek and other drainages across Clear Creek County. 

The steep terrain and multiple freeze-thaw zones that define the County’s topography require the Road and Bridge Department to prioritize its paving, maintenance and repair projects to ensure their functionality and public safety.  These projects and repairs allow fire trucks, ambulances and law enforcement to respond to emergencies, buses to carry our kids safely back and forth to school, residents to travel to within our community, tourists to travel here and fuel our economy, and local businesses to serve residents and visitors.

Please see the tabs below for information on any of the three categories of projects: active projects, completed projects, and future projects.

To report a Road Concern please call 303-679-2334 option 2

When calling in a Road Concern please leave your name, contact phone number, address, and a brief description of your concern.

  1. Active Projects
  2. Completed Projects
  3. Future Projects

Idaho Springs Area

  • Soda Creek Road
    • Anticipated Completion: Summer 2022
    • Description: Replace culverts and overlay pavement surface from boundary of Idaho Springs to the Clear Creek County Transfer Station.  Elite Surface Infrastructure plans to construct the project improvements during the months of June & July. This project will include significant traffic disruptions and delays should be expected.

Soda Creek Road Pavement Overlay 2022Soda Creek Road Pavement Overlay 2022

Floyd Hill Area

  • Stormwater Drainage Evaluation
    • Anticipated Completion: Summer 2022
    • Description: The purpose of the Floyd Hill Stormwater Drainage Evaluation is to define the existing 2-year, 10-year, 25-year, and 100-year annual exceedance probability deficiencies and improvements necessary to convey the appropriate annual exceedance probability flood with the open channels and major conduit systems under the County’s jurisdiction.  
    • The project includes, but is not limited to, the compilation of existing data and collection of new data as necessary to determine the existing capacity of the County’s stormwater infrastructure within public rights-of-way in order to develop the most feasible drainage, water quality, and flood control design alternatives for the Floyd Hill area.

                       Floyd Hill Drainage Study Area

Pine Valley Area

  • County Road 170 Pavement Overlay and Water Quality Improvements
    • Anticipated Completion: Summer 2022
    • Description: These improvements will prevent potential damage to the County Road 170 from water and erosion as well as provide a new pavement driving surface. The evaluation and schematic design for this project was completed in fall of 2021. The construction improvements to this area are anticipated to be finished by Fall 2022.

Evergreen Area

  • Witter Gulch Road
    • Anticipated Completion: Summer 2022
    • This project will mitigate existing road damage near Juniper Lane due to poor drainage/frost heave