Re-roof, Re-siding, Doors & Windows

Whether you are performing a re-roof, new siding, replacing windows or doors, this packet will guide you through our code and submittal requirements. 

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Re-roof, Re-siding, & Window/Door Replacement Packet

  1. General Permit Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I do my own work?
Yes, you can be your own contractor. All work must meet the 2015 or later IRC code. We do not supply copies of this code.

Do I need a permit to replace windows and doors?
Yes, we will need a complete application to process a permit.

How much is a permit?
Permit price varies depending on the amount of inspections required (which varies by project type), and the amount of work being done. Re-roof permit prices are based on square footage of roof being replaced and type of roofing material being used. Prices are generated after applications have been processed. 

How do I pay for the permit?
We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks written to Clear Creek County with an address written in the memo. We will call you when your permit is ready to collect your payment preference and can process credit cards over the phone immediately. Credit card transactions are subject to a $.75 plus 2.5% transaction fee. We do not hold credit card numbers and do not accept numbers provided via email.

If I bought a home, how can I tell if it has been permitted and when?
You can look up any previous or active permits for your property 
here. (portal temporarily down ATM)

How long does it take to get a permit?
Re-roof, Re-siding, & Window/door permits can generally be processed within 3 business days.

If I am adding a new window or door to my home, do I need a permit?
Yes. You will need to apply for an Interior Remodel Permit regardless of if you are making structural changes or not. This page is only for replacements.

Do I need an inspection for the work?
Yes, you will need a county official to inspect the work to finalize the permit. Your work is not legal until you've passed your inspection. You will receive specific instructions when you are issued your permit with how to schedule these inspections, what inspections are needed, and our inspection process.

Can I come in person to get a permit?
Due to health safety concerns, we prefer if you refrain from coming in person. We are available via Zoom and phone for additional questions and can gladly USPS mail you physical copies of documents if you don't have a printer. If you absolutely need to come in person, we accept walk-ins from 8am-12pm Monday - Thursday, but prefer you make an appointment with us first so we can ensure your time in the building will be uninterrupted.

Re-roof Requirements

Roofing Requirements for Clear Creek County
Current Code edition: 2015 IRC and IBC

If the decking is being replaced, must be inspected.

New roof must be Class A rated material or Class A rated assembly, must submit rating documentation.

Mid-roof inspection is required at the point that drip edge, other required flashings, underlayment, Ice barrier have been installed.

Telephone NumberMax Number of LayersMimimum Wind SpeedRe Roof With ShakesIce BarrierMid Roof InspectionLadder RequiredHigh Wind NailDrip Edge RequiredValley Size MinimumValleys Open / Closed / Both Valley Material Required Metal/ 90 pounds /  EitherPlywood Required Over Decking and Specs
303-679-2333Remove all layers100 miles per hour and 110 miles per hourYes class a rated assembly onlyYes (minimum 24 inches from exterior wall line)YesYesPer CodeYes (eave and rake)Per CodePer CodePer CodePer Code