Clear Creek Health Assistance Team (CCHAT)

A photo with members of the Clear Creek Health Assistance Team in front of an ambulance.


The Clear Creek Health Assistance Team, or CCHAT is a coordinated effort with Clear Creek EMS, the Clear Creek County Department of Human Services, Board of County Commissioners and law enforcement including the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office. The CCHAT is overseen by Clear Creek EMS and housed at Station 1A in Dumont. 

The types of calls that CCHAT handles are:

  • Disturbances
  • Indecent exposure
  • Intoxicated persons
  • Safe2Tell
  • Suicidal persons
  • Psychiatric calls
  • Trespassing
  • Unwanted parties
  • Welfare checks

The goal is to reduce arrests and contact with law enforcement when a community member is experiencing a nonviolent crisis, reduce ER visits, connect at-risk community members with services, and reduce costs.

The CCHAT is a well-researched, innovative concept in how first responders can effectively help and respond to an increasing number of challenging calls made to 911. Last year, those calls represented 15-20 percent of total 911 calls. Clear Creek EMS’ oversight of the CCHAT will provide the ability to bridge the gap between the myriad of programs throughout the county with the individuals who would benefit the most. The Community Integrated Health Care Service, Clear Creek EMS’ most recent licensure, will serve as the driving tool to integrate all facets of patient care in Clear Creek County.

The CCHAT also provides outreach to community members with known history with law enforcement or EMS, or those who have co-occurring disorders, in addition to outreach to areas where community members may need support connecting with services, and resource navigation.

Starting Out

The team will start with two providers: a community paramedic and a Licensed Crisis Clinician, who are in service 40 hours per week. The goal is to gather data that will help the county understand the overall need, in addition to staffing resources required and coverage.  Analyzing this much-needed data will allow staff to make informed adjustments to the level and frequency of service moving forward.  When the CCHAT is not staffed and this type of call comes in, the Jefferson Center for Mental Health will be able to respond to fill the gap.

CCHAT Resource Committee

Clear Creek EMS is also looking for community members to serve on the CCHAT Resource Committee. This committee will discuss current operations and barriers to care for the CCHAT team. It will also work to maximize positive outcomes and find solutions to provide the most help to residents and visitors of Clear Creek County. This committee will provide an opportunity to hear both professional and community perspectives regarding access to services relating to CCHAT activities. 

If you are interested in applying to be on the committee, email a letter of intent to

  1. Clear Creek Health Assistance Team

    Additional Phone: EMERGENCY: 911

    3400 Stanley Rd.
    Dumont, CO 80436