Special Projects Division

Special Projects Division coordinates and administers many special goals and projects initiated by the Board of County Commissioners. 

Provided is a sample of some of those projects: 

Former BLM Lands for Sale: 

Citizen Survey: 

A Clear Creek County Citizen Survey was conducted in mid-2010 to help County officials and County staff to better understand the community's views on policies or programs that should be in place in the County regarding growth and development, open space, infrastructure projects and the expected level of services from the County. Residents were provided the opportunity to rate the quality of life in the county and their satisfaction with county services. Residents also provided feedback on their priorities for the community when thinking about growth, open space, energy use and more. Results (PDF)

CSU Extension Program: 

Commercial River Outfitters Program: 


Guide/Outfitters Multi Use Seasonal Permit (PDF) 

Guanella Pass Scenic Byway:

The Scenic Byway is now paved to the top of Guanella Pass in Clear Creek County. This multi-million dollar project includes beautiful rock walls and enhanced environmental mitigation measures. As stated by the US Forest Service in their 2008 Byway Interpretive Theme Statement:"Guanella Pass Byway traverses wild vistas and delicate ecosystems, demonstrates human reliance on the land, and provides an escape to intimate Colorado mountain settings and experiences for its visitors."

The Guanella Pass Scenic Byway Committee was instrumental in the Corridor Management Strategy and development of the first two phases of the construction project. They continue to work to enhance the user experience and opportunities.

Public Restrooms Available near St. Mary's Glacier Trail

Recognizing the popularity of the Glacier Trail and the need for services, the county provides two portable toilets which are available to the public but are located on a privately owned parking lot. Please note: The owner of the parking lot charges a fee to park your car at that location.