Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

About Clear Creek EMS

Clear Creek Ambulance Association was established in 1973 by a small group of dedicated volunteers to provide quality emergency medical care to the residents of Clear Creek County Colorado and its many visitors.

With 11 ambulance service members and one Chevy Sentinel for transports to hospitals in Denver, the crews responded to 208 medical calls - mostly motor vehicle accidents. Training consisted of basic first aid and "hands-on" skills practice every other month.

Today, we are known as Clear Creek EMS, a paid ambulance service that responds to all 911 medical calls from the Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnels to Floyd Hill on Interstate 70 - a service district of 350 square miles. We provide medical services and community outreach programs to the historic towns of Empire, Georgetown, Idaho Springs, and Silver Plume and the many rural hamlets that dot Clear Creek's mountainsides and valleys. In addition, EMS provides emergency care and transport for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors to two ski areas, numerous hiking and biking trails, hundreds of mountain peaks, and motorists who travel Interstate 70, US Highway 40 and other mountain roads.

Averaging 1500 emergency medical calls per year, EMS employs 15 full-time paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), as well as 20 part-time personnel. Two advanced life support ambulances are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 3 more fully equipped ambulances available if the need arises. Standard equipment carried on all ambulances includes 12-lead cardiac monitoring, advanced airway, and breathing treatments, capnography, and over 30 medications.

All our Paramedics and EMTs receive extensive ongoing training and are certified by the State of Colorado.

EMS also provides a variety of community outreach and educational programs including CPR/AED training, basic first aid, health fairs, professional continuing education, and recruitment. For more information please contact our Captain of Training, Safety and Public Education.

Mission statement: 

We rise above the ordinary by providing outstanding pre-hospital emergency care to the residents and visitors of Clear Creek County. Whether your emergency is in the shallows of the streams or the summit of the peaks, Clear Creek EMS will rise above to care for you. 


-We will have and show empathy and compassion for everyone in our community.

-We will show honesty and integrity both personally and professionally.

-We will display professionalism at all times.

-We will strive to be humble and open minded at all times.

-We will seek opportunities to constantly train and develop as clinicians.

-We will provide unity and teamwork within our agency and with our mutual aid partners.

-We will adapt to EVERY situation in order to provide excellent care.

Vision and Goals:

Clear Creek EMS is striving to provide the most progressive emergency 911 medical response and advanced level Paramedic care in the region.  Our goal is to be a model for which other agencies will use when attempting to improve their response plans and clinical abilities.