Manufactured Homes Requirements

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are residential structures, which have been partially constructed in factories, inspected by State Inspectors and transported to the building site in two or more modules and are then assembled on the site built foundation, basement or first story. These manufactured homes may be constructed to meet either the International Residential Codes or HUD Codes, but they must also meet the requirements resulting from our colder climate, higher winds, and more snow. In addition to the other submittals, a letter from the manufacturer is required, that addresses each of the following issues:

1) States the Code the residence will be built in conformance with;
2) States the Snow Load and Wind Load the residence will be designed to;
3) States the residence will have a Class A rated roof and whether it will be installed in the factory or at the building site;
4) States the energy efficiency compliance method used;
5) When HUD Codes are used for the designing and building, the manufacturer must certify that the home meets or exceeds, on an equivalent performance engineering basis, standards established by the county building code.

This assures both the homeowner and the Building Department that the proposed manufactured home will meet the code requirements for our county.