Commercial Inspection Requirements


The following inspection stages are required by the International Building, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes and Clear Creek County Building Department:

1. Footing must have rebar in place, but no concrete poured

2. Grounding Electrode required at both the Footing and the Foundation Inspections

3. Foundation must have rebar in place, but no concrete poured

4. Deck Piers must have any required rebar in place, but no concrete poured

5. Perimeter Foundation Drain must have all gravel and piping in place, prior to backfill

6. Foundation Damp-proofing inspect prior to backfill

You have the option of having the inspections be performed by the Licensed Engineer or Architect for the project or you may request the inspections from the Building Inspector. If inspected by the Engineer or Architect, the optional Foundation Compliance form provided by this Department must be completed and submitted to the Building Department.

7. Foundation Insulation inspect prior to pouring of slab

When scheduling inspections with the County, if possible, please schedule inspections 5, 6, and 7 at the same time.

8. Underground Plumbing water test or air test of number 5 required on DWV

9. Shower Pans have water test in liner

10. In-floor Radiant Heat Tubing requires number 100 test.

11. Rough Plumbing test of number 60 required on water lines, number 15 on gas lines and number 5 on DWV. The field card must be signed by the Plumber with license number and expiration date of license before the Building Inspector will approve the inspection.

12. Gas Line number 15 pressure required on the gas line

13. Fireplace all gas fireplace appliances need outside shutoff.

14. Rough Heating when LPG appliances are installed in basement or pit a daylighted drain or gas detector with shut off is required.

15. Rough Electric is permitted and inspected by State Electrical Inspector - 303-894-2300. Please have the field card signed by the inspector or a copy of his inspection report.

16. Braced Wall Construction inspection to be done when all required strapping, nailing and hold-downs are installed.

17. Mid Roof required for all roofs when the underlayment is applied. For roofs with Class A rated assemblies, the mid-roof is required prior to application of the final roof covering; i.e. when Densdek is installed.

18. Exterior Building Wrap inspection to be done prior to the window installation and after Building Wrap is installed.

19. Framing must have truss manufacturer's specifications on site.

If possible, please schedule rough plumbing, rough heating and framing at the same time. If it is not possible all roughs including electrical need to be approved prior the framing inspection.

20. Fenestration can be done at Framing, please leave all energy code information labeling on the windows and doors.

21. Insulation have installers certificate on site

22. Drywall Nail must not begin mudding and taping of joints until inspection has been approved

23. Final Electric (performed by State Electrical Inspector – 303- 894-2300)

24. Final Plumbing must have hot and cold running water.

25. Heating furnace, boiler and water heater must all be operating.

26. Building everything must be completed and site cleaned.

Must have all final approvals for Driveway, Defensible Space, ISDS (Septic), Electric and any other Land Use Department's requirement, prior to the final building inspections and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

Additional inspections may be required and these will be discussed during our review of your plans or at the time we are issuing your building permit to you.