Re-Roof Inspection Requirements

The following inspection stages are required by the International Residential Code, International Building Code, and Clear Creek County Building Department:

Inspections for Re-roofs:

1. Mid Roof is required for all roofs when the underlayment is applied.**

**For roofs with special Class A rated assemblies, the mid-roof is required prior to application of the final roof covering; i.e. shingles, membrane or other material.

2. Final Roof

A ladder must be provided at the time of each inspection. In the event of snow at the time of the requested inspection, the owner or contractor will need to request a new inspection after the roof is clear of snow.

 *The installation of the required carbon monoxide detectors must be documented by the submittal of the completed Carbon Monoxide Detector Affidavit prior to the final inspection or by the Building Inspector at the time of the final inspection.