Roof Requirements

Roofing Requirements for Clear Creek County
Current Code edition: 2015 IRC and IBC
If the decking is being replaced, must be inspected.

New roof must be Class A rated material or Class A rated assembly, must submit rating documentation.

Mid-roof inspection is required at the point that drip edge, another required flashing, underlayment, Ice barrier have been installed.

Telephone Number 303-679-2300, ext. 343
Max Number of Layers Remove All Layers 
Minimum Wind Speed 100 Miles Per Hour and 110 Miles Per Hour
Re Roof With Shakes Yes Class A Only 
Ice Barrier Yes (Minimum 24 Inches from Exterior Wall Line
Mid Roof Inspection Yes 
Ladder Required Yes 
High Wind Nail Per Code 
Underlayment Required Per Code 
Drip Edge Required Yes (Eave and Rake)
Valley Size Minimum Per Code 
Valleys Open/Closed/Both Per Code 
Valley Material Required Metal/ 90 Pounds/Either Per Code 
Plywood Required Over Decking and Specs Per Code