Berthoud Pass Auto Tour

The Berthoud Pass Auto Tour

The idea for the Berthoud Pass Auto Tour came about as a fun way to share all the historical information and photos that had been collected while working on "The Berthoud Pass Research Corridor for Universal Design". Students from the Colorado School of Mines and Partners for Access to the Woods (PAW) Director spent four years mapping all of the historical sites along the wagon road found on the Pass. Their work provides the foundation for the Auto Tour. Now it has expanded to include other interesting facts about the Pass. Some of the additional information is the highway's construction, wildlife that lives on the Pass, and facts about the many avalanches on both sides of Berthoud Pass.

The Auto Tour starts at Empire Junction or Interstate 70 Exit number 232. On US Highway 40, the starting Mileage Post (MP) in Clear Creek County will be number 258 and continue west and then north along US Highway 40 to the Summit of Berthoud Pass or MP number 243. Once on the Grand County side of the Pass, it continues down the mountain and ends at MP number 231 which is north of the Moffat Tunnel.

Auto Tour (PDF)