Utility ROW Permit Applications and Information

Right-of-Way Permit Application

Utility and Construction ROW Permit Application

Instructions for Utility Right-of-Way Permit Applications

Prior to Issuance of Permit

  1. The applicant submits completed application to the Road and Bridge Department. Incomplete or
  2. County Inspector Review (2 to 3 business days)
  3. Initial On-Site Inspection- The County Inspector will visit the site prior to construction. Depending on the scope of work’s complexity, the Inspector may require the Applicant or Contractor to meet at site for a Pre-Construction meeting, this will occur prior to the Permit being issued.
  4. After the initial site visit, the County Inspector will calculate the performance guarantee amount, if any, and provide the Pledge & Security Agreement to the applicant for signature and appropriate security deposit of cash, bond (if applicable) or Letter Of Credit (if approved).
  5. Once the signed security pledge has been received by the County, the Inspector will provide a signed copy of the Permit to the applicant which will serve as the permit.  A copy of the permit must be kept on site.

After Issuance of Permit

  1. First Inspection of Work – Applicant must contact the Road and Bridge Department to schedule this inspection.  This inspection is performed after work has begun but prior to any backfilling
  2. Final Inspection –  Applicant must contact the Road & Bridge Department to schedule this inspection.  This inspection is performed after all work has been completed, including backfill, compaction and restoration of asphalt, if applicable.
  3. One-Year Performance Inspection -  One year from final inspection the County’s inspector will conduct a performance inspection and make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners or the County Attorney on the return of the applicant’s security deposit.

Utility Right-Of-Way Permit Applications


  1. Permit Application Form – Completed and Signed
  2. Permit Fee ($340) – Cash, check or credit card (credit cards add an additional 2.27% processing fee)
  3. Pledge and Security Agreement – This form along with the security amount will be provided to the applicant upon review of proposed work.  (The signed original along with the appropriate security must be received by the County Inspector prior to issuance of the permit)
  4. Certificate of Liability Insurance
  5. Construction Plan (Include schedule of work)
  6. Traffic Control Plan
  7. Detailed Scope of Work
  8. Other Documentation as may be deemed necessary by the Road and Bridge Department