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Posted on: September 13, 2018

County Staff, Elected Officials Sharpen Skills with Leadership Development


County Staff, Elected Officials Sharpen Skills with Leadership Development
Sept. 13, 2018 – Clear Creek County Communications, Colo. – From Sept. 10-11, Clear Creek County officials, division directors, department heads and supervisors took part in the second of a series of training classes---designed to strengthen and enhance their leadership skills, and ultimately to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their respective organizations.

“As part of our 2018 County Goals, “Enhance Leadership Development” was a top priority of County Commissioners and Senior Staff,” said Keith Montag, County Manager. “As with any organization, training our current leaders to be more effective with their teams, while preparing for future change and challenges is always paramount to providing the best services to our #1 priority---County residents,” he added.

That training Mr. Montag refers to began several months ago when elected officials and the County’s leadership team took part in the first phase of leadership development. Known as ‘Strength Finders 2.0’, the training began (in June) by identifying the strengths in each leader, and how their talents work with others. After reading the book, team leaders took the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment which identified major themes about what type of leader they are, and where their major strengths lie. From a series of questions, the assessment ‘labeled’ certain characteristics of each person, and how they interact with others around them.

The assessment was key to building on what County leaders started last year, creating four working teams known as ‘4DX’---for the “4 Disciplines of Execution”(FranklinCovey). The teams tackled the other 2018 County goals of: 1) Broadband; 2) Economic Development; 3) Health Care Needs of the Community; and, 4) County Operations and Communication. For the last several months, each 4DX team has worked on their goal, finding where the County could help and continue progress on the issues.

The second phase, known as ‘The Speed of Trust’ (FranklinCovey), took County leadership through two days of intensive training designed to use their already self-defined skills, and apply them to enhancing how they lead their respective organizations. The course began with a basic skill: Self Trust. This deals with things such as integrity, intent, capabilities, and results.

Then the team worked on ‘Relationship Trust’, using the 13 defined behaviors of developing, restoring and extending smart trust to those they work with and serve. Highlights included: Respect, Delivering Results, Accountability, Clarifying Expectations, Creating Transparency and Keeping Commitments---all designed for the betterment of working with peers, with other organizations and County residents who rely on a world-class team and experience. Other areas of Organizational, Market and Societal Trust were explored, pushing participants to take the skills they learned, and share them amongst their own teams.

“I’m really proud of our team and the commitment they’ve put into this training, ensuring we have the right people in place to meet today’s needs, while ensuring our future leaders are being identified to carry that standard of excellence we expect in Clear Creek County,” added Montag.

Armed with new knowledge and skills, County leaders will continue their research and education; and, begin putting those skills to work in terms of planning, measuring results, and improving overall efficiencies and operations within the County. Teams will meet up again in the next several weeks.

LeadershipDevelopmentCounty2018.jpg     LeadershipDevelopmentCounty2018_2.jpg

County Elected Officials and Leadership Staff sharpen their skills during a 2-day ‘Speed of Trust’ training.

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