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Posted on: August 22, 2019

Governor Visits County, Signs Executive Order Protecting Wildlife, Public Safety


Aug. 22, 2019 – Clear Creek County Communications, Colo.  – Colorado Gov. Jared Polis visited Clear Creek County yesterday, signing Executive Order D 2019 011(see here), with directions “…to conserve Colorado’s big game winter range and migration corridors…”   The event, held at the Game Check Station in Idaho Springs, was attended by several dozen state and local officials, members of the press, and public.    

“Colorado’s natural beauty and wildlife are part of why so many people love our great state,” said Governor Jared Polis.  “This is a step toward better understanding and protecting the migratory patterns of Colorado’s wildlife populations and ensuring we can preserve our treasured animals and their habitats,” he added.      

Per the Executive Order and the Governor’s comments, Colorado’s natural environment and wildlife species contribute greatly to not only residents’ quality of life, but the state’s overall economy.  With a growing population and stressed travel state-wide, nearly 4,000 wildlife-vehicle crashes (and $80 million in damages) are reported each year.  All of these impact the health of wildlife populations, not to mention the value of wildlife killed and the potential loss of human life. 

In 2018, the Colorado Wildlife and Transportation Alliance (Alliance) was established to improve human safety while ensuring safe and successful migration of Colorado’s big game wildlife each year.  The Alliance includes: Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), the CO Department of Transportation (CDOT), Tribal Governments, Federal agencies, and non-governmental agencies from academia, non-profits, and biological/engineering sciences.   

Some of the directives of the order include: 

  • Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) report on big game migration patterns and related scientific materials to the Governor by April 1, 2020
  • CDOT will enable safe wildlife passage and wildlife-vehicle collision reduction by incorporating planning into all levels (for their various state-wide projects)
  • DNR will work with CPW for public education and outreach efforts
  • DNR and CDOT will implement current fiscal year actions within existing budgets (and future budgets)

The Order remains in effect unless modified or rescinded by future Executive Order of the Governor.


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