Sales Tax Information For Clear Creek County

A sales tax license is not required by the County – this is obtained from the State of Colorado Department of Revenue because the Department of Revenue administers and collects Clear Creek County tax. All sales tax and lodging tax collected is remitted to the State and then distributed by the State to the County. To obtain a sales tax license with the State of Colorado or for specific questions about sales tax, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue, ,or call 303-238-7378. SALES TAX RATES Clear Creek County Sales Tax rate will increase from 1.65 to 2.65 percent effective January 1, 2022 on taxable sales in Clear Creek County. In addition, there is a County Lodging Tax rate of 2 percent. Colorado State sales tax rate is 2.9 percent. [§39-26-106 C.R.S.] Contact the City of Idaho Springs, 303-567-4421, Town of Georgetown, 303-569-2555, the Town of Empire, 303-569-2978, or the Town of Silver Plume, 303-569-2363, for tax rates within their jurisdictions. To find out whether a local government has a sales tax, what the rate is, and whether it is home rule, request "Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates" (DRP 1002). This publication is updated each January and July and is located on the State Web site at

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