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When are these permits required?
New building construction or additions that are over 400 square feet in area, or new driveway excavations require compliance with the permitting process.

Driveway permits are required for existing driveways, unless a previous finalized driveway permit, signed and dated after January 1989, has been issued.

Defensible space inspections are required for new construction and additions greater than 400 square feet.

Floodplain requirements are necessary if the construction occurs in an area indicated as "Zone A" on the F.E.M.A. Flood Insurance Rating Map.

Clear Creek County requires the use of Best Management Practices for any soil disturbances. Applicants are to prohibit erosion and sedimentation from occurring off site, during and after construction. This compliance is a requirement for all construction activities, and is included in the Driveway and Building Site Excavation Permit. For any large scale disturbance of 2,500 cubic yards / 20,000 square feet or greater the separate "BMP" permit is required.

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