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Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Collaborative Care Health Clinic

Clear Creek County, Colorado


This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the selection of a qualified consultant or consulting firm to provide a fundraising feasibility study related to the construction of a collaborative health care facility located in Clear Creek County.  This RFP can be located on the Clear Creek County website (Bid Postings).  The feasibility study should determine how much capital can realistically be raised and the duration of time.  Additionally, the study will identify potential funding partners, partnership strategies, challenges, lending and finance options, and other issues or roadblocks for the organization to consider. 


Centura Health Physicians Group, in partnership with Clear Creek County, opened a temporary health clinic in Idaho Springs, Colorado in July of 2017 which is now in operation and providing primary health care needs for the community.  The County is now interested in obtaining funds for the construction of a permanent collaborative health care facility in Idaho Springs with an opening date anticipated in early 2020.

The County has purchased property (one acre) in Idaho Springs for the clinic.  Our initial cost estimate for construction of the facility is approximately $6M and we anticipate various grants and a county contribution will be provided to offset some of that cost.


Proposals must be received at the County by end of business day, Friday, March 23, 2018.  Proposals received after the aforementioned date will not be considered.


Completed proposals may be delivered via e-mail and should be sent to:

Keith Montag, County Manager

If providing the proposal via mail or hand-delivery, applicants must submit six (6) copies of the proposal to Keith Montag, Clear Creek County, P.O. Box 2000, 405 Argentine Street, Georgetown, CO  80444

Clear Creek County may reject any proposal determined not to be responsive to this request and may reject for good cause any and all proposals upon a finding of by County that it is in the best interest to do so.

Scope of Services:

Clear Creek County is seeking a Request for Proposal (RFP) from qualified consultants or consulting firms to provide a fundraising feasibility study to:

  • Determine community and potential donor perception of the project and testing of basic planning assumptions with potential donors
  • Determine composition of the potential donor base, ability to give, and philanthropic interest including major donors, private foundations, grants, County funds, etc.
  • Determine potential campaign support by assessing prospective donors and evaluating solicitation capabilities
  • Determine availability of strong campaign leadership and effective volunteers
  • Create a realistic campaign goal and plan for implementation
  • Determine external factors that could influence the outcome of the campaign
  • Provide a suggested framework and strategies of a campaign
  • Provide a suggested next steps, including a timeline

Required Submission Information:

  • Qualifications:
    • Brief overview of the history and structure of the firm including structure, time in business, number of employees, and other data to assist in characterization of the firm.
    • Statement of the particular expertise and experience in performing fundraising and capital campaign advisory services, particularly as these relate to similar types of projects.
    • Brief description of 2-3 successful campaigns completed for public sector clients within the past (5) years.  Please provide contact information for these clients.
  • Project Team:
    • Listing and resumes for the project lead and any others that would support the completion of this project with a summary of each team member’s area of responsibilities, expertise, experience and qualification for this work.  Provide an organizational chart of the project team.
    • Indicate the number and scope of projects that will be managed by the lead person(s) during the same timeframe as this project.
  • Project Approach:
    • Based on the information in this RFP and your professional knowledge, please provide a description of how the firm proposes to execute the project.
    • Provide relative timeframes for the project.
    • Provide an itemized menu of services broken down by project components and cost.
    • Provide total project cost.

Evaluation Criteria and Consultant Selection:

A screening committee will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications and prior experience in performing similar work
  • Approach and process to be used in performing the work
  • Ability to communicate in writing as evidences by information provided in this RFP response
  • Examples of similar completed work
  • References
  • Proposed cost and timelines

The screening committee reserves the right to solicit additional information from applicants should the committee deem such information is necessary during the evaluation process.

Following the initial screening, the top ranked firm(s) will be expected to travel to Clear Creek County at its/his/her own expense for an interview.  Upon selection of a finalist, Clear Creek County will enter into contract negotiations.


Procedural and technical questions on any aspect of this RFP should be directed via email to:

Keith Montag, County Manager

Responses will be provided starting Monday, February 26th through Monday, March 12th and both questions and responses will be posted on the county website.

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study RFP Questions
1. Who is involved from Clear Creek County on this project?
A project team of the County Manager, County Attorney, County Health and Human Services Director and the County Finance Director are all involved with this project.

2. What is the projected scope of the patient base for the clinic?
The clinic is open 5 days/week.  Based on the performance to date, our current projections reflect average monthly patient visits of 295, or approximately 13.5 patients per day. As the patient base grows, especially with construction of the new collaborative health care clinic, we anticipate this number to increase over time.

3. What is the projected size and cost of construction for the permanent clinic, and how was it determined?
The projected size of the permanent clinic is a two story 12,000 square foot building which was determined by a qualified architect that evaluated the space needs of the various care givers within the clinic. 

4. How much capital fundraising is anticipated?
The estimated cost of the clinic is $6M.  We anticipate approximately $4M in fund raising through various sources will be needed to close the funding gap.

5. Is there public support for this effort?
Health care is a priority for the County and a primary goal of the County Commissioners to complete the construction of a permanent health care facility.

6. What are the expectations around the “lending and finance options”?
Creek County has identified numerous potential grant opportunities and funding sources, including some philanthropic entities who may consider donating to this very worthy cause.  The purpose of this feasibility study is to solidify the list of funding sources and determine who will have the most interest and resources to contribute dollars for this project.  We are not currently focused on lending institutions as part of the financing. 

7. Are there sufficient philanthropic partners in the community who would accept study interviews?
The County population is approximately 9500 residents and we do feel there are opportunities from applicable philanthropic partners to obtain study interviews, both locally and within the region.  Clear Creek County is located approximately 30 miles from the Denver metro area that will also provide numerous opportunities for potential partner interviews as well as funding sources.  We have been communicating with a reputable “Foundation” in the region who potentially would act as the fiscal agent and be a key player in the fund raising efforts.

8. What is the county budget for the project?
The County did not establish a specific budget for this project.  We have sufficient funds available to cover the cost of an appropriate scope.


The attached contract template will be used to enter into the agreement between the County and consultant.

February 15, 2018

Publication Date/Time:
2/16/2018 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/23/2018 5:00 PM
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