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County Ordinances

Clear Creek County Ordinances

Ordinance 1     Intentionally left blank  

Ordinance 2     Ordinance 0-84-2    Regulating Parking on County Maintained Roads

Ordinance 3     Model Traffic Code for Clear Creek County - REPEALED by Ordinance 9

Ordinance 3a    Amendment to Ordinance 3 Model Traffic Code - REPEALED by Ordinance 9

Ordinance 4      Use and Control of Land Open for Recreational Uses

Ordinance 5      Regulating the Parking on and Blocking of Clear Creek County Roadways and Road Rights-of-Way

Ordinance 6      Adopting Fines, Fees and Charges for Uniform Fire Code Violations and Inspections

Ordinance 7      Establishing a Policy for Zoning Enforcements - REPEALED by Ordinance 7a

Ordinance 7a    Repealing Ordinance 7

Ordinance 8      Banning of Open Fires in Unincorporated Areas

Ordinance 9      Model Traffic Code

Ordinance 10     Intentionally left blank

Ordinance 11    Noxious Weed

Ordinance 12    Slash Burning - Final