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Hard Copy Maps
Assessment Maps:

Currently, the Mapping Department receives map updates from the Assessor's Office for all changes which need to be made on the Assessment Maps. These changes are made in the GIS and new maps are created on a rolling basis.  The original hardcopy parcel maps were created in 1968 and were updated manually until 2001.  Since 2001 these maps have been produced utilizing GIS data.  In 2010 we created a new series of maps; to acquire a digital or hard copy please contact us by phone 303.679.2436 or email .

Assessment Map

The County zoning maps  were generated through a diligent cooperative project between the Planning Department and the Mapping Department.  The maps were approved “one-township-at-a-time” and are available for purchase at the counter of the Mapping Department.  The Zoning Maps  are accurate as of the date of approval, which is indicated on each map.  For more current or updated zoning information, check with Planning Staff and/or on ClearMap interactive mapping application.

To view a County wide zoning map click here.

Zoning Map

Clear Creek County has developed many hard copy maps which are available to view  as PDF's.  These maps can be printed for a small fee.  Some examples are:

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