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Dedication & Acknowledgement

The Berthoud Pass Auto Tour

The Berthoud Pass Auto Tour is dedicated to two long-time PAW Board Members:

Jay Bauer   1945 – 2010

Tom Deniston   1938- 2007

The Auto Tour is the work of many who help make it possible.  These include:

Arcadia Publishing – Charleston, South Carolina

The Berthoud Pass Ski Patrol

Sally Guanella Buckland

Will Burt

Clear Creek County

Colorado Department of Health

Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado School of Mines

Emily Croke

Shawn Daniels

Denver Public Library

Denver Water Board

Bill Eden

Town of Empire

Richard and Kurt Engelmann

Federal Highway Administration Archives

Paul Gilbert

City of Golden

Granby Public Library

Grand County

Grand County Historical Association

Grand County Model Railroad Club

Grand Elk Ranch and Club

Ron Green

Historic Georgetown

Historical Society of Idaho Springs

History Colorado

Sally Hopper

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation – Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburg, PA

Hunter Leroux

Missouri Botanical Garden – St. Louis, Missouri

Rob Morris

Mountain Press Publishing Company – Missoula, Montana

Ray Mumford

City of Northglenn

Harlan “Bud” O’Conner

Tom Redd

Sanborn, LTD

J. F. Sato and Associates

St. Joseph Museum, St. Joseph, Missouri

Eldrid Schafer

John Spence

Leo Stambaugh

Donna Ulrich

U. S. Forest Service

U. S. Geological Society – Denver, Colorado

Thomas Wilberding



The author of the Auto Tour is Carol Hunter, a long-time resident of Clear Creek and Grand Counties. Carol has been the founder and director of Partners for Access to the Woods (PAW) since its beginning in 1988. Carol and several teams of students from the Colorado School of Mines over several years explored and recorded the many historical sites that are found on Berthoud Pass for an Archeological Assessment from the State Historical Fund. Over the years, she has given numerous presentations on the History of Berthoud Pass.  The passion that her listeners had, along with the enthusiasm of the students who participated in the exploration, made her realize that many had the same love for the Pass that she did, and the information learned should be shared with others, thus the Auto Tour of Berthoud Pass. 

Carol contacted Ray Mumford, a longtime friend, and person equally passionate about Berthoud Pass. Ray has worked for the Colorado Department of Transportation since 1974 and involved in the Avalanche program since 1975.  Carol asked him to share his extensive knowledge of the avalanches on Berthoud Pass as part of the Auto Tour and which he willingly did.