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Action Plans
Preparedness Action Plans

Clear Creek County Ebola Response

Preparedness and Prevention in Action

Clear Creek County Public and Environmental Health (CCCPEH) is committed to providing quality emergency preparedness services. CCCPEH has several emergency response plans in place and regularly tests these plans in practice exercises and in real life situations.

CCCPEH has conducted exercises to respond to:
  • Bioterrorism Attacks
  • Pandemic Outbreaks
  • Natural Disasters

CCCPEH has responded to real life events such as:
  • H1N1 response and vaccination campaign
  • Food borne illness outbreaks (salmonella, listeria, e-coli)
  • Communicable diseases (measles, mumps, rubella, TB, meningitis)
Prevention of Public Health Emergencies is an important part of daily work for CCCPEH. Some examples of prevention efforts include health inspections, vaccinations, and health education. Some emergencies cannot be prevented, but by preparing vigilantly on a daily basis, CCCPEH helps to eliminate many potential disasters. Also, CCCPEH continuously updates and develops plans to limit the impact of public health emergencies on county residents.