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Mental Health/Substance Abuse
In the past two years Clear Creek County Public and Environmental Health has been working to expand resources and referral partners to respond to mental health and substance abuse issues in the county.  Partners include the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, the Senior Reach program, the Veteran's Coalition, the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Task Force, the Clear Creek RE1 School District, the Second Wind Fund, Loaves and Fishes Food Bank, Mt. Evans Home Health and Hospice and the Idaho Springs Recreation District.

Chief in these efforts has been the training of more than 70 First Responders in Suicide Awareness/Prevention, the implementation of the Care2BAware Program, and training in the nationally-recognized certification program called Mental Health First Aid.

A Regional Resource and Referral Directory for Mental Health and Substance Abuse has been created.  This 10- page document is available in hard copy or on line. The Directory provides a comprehensive list of referral agencies, support groups and information available within 30 miles of Clear Creek County.

Local non-profit counseling, mental health and substance abuse services are provided by Jefferson Center for Mental Health at the Community Resource Center in Idaho Springs.  Counselors include certified addiction specialists.  Rates are on a sliding scale and scholarship programs for the uninsured are available.  Call 303-670-7549. EMS non-identifiable data allows health services organization to better understand the numbers of emergency responses due to mis-use or abuse of prescription drugs, the numbers of mental health crisis including suicide attempts, and the frequency and severity of alcohol related accidents and injuries.

Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step Programs are available throughout the region and several grief support groups meet in the area frequently.  This information is included in the Resource Directory.  To locate an AA group near you, click or call 303-322-4440..

For information on these programs and services, call the Health Educator at 303-679-2386.

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Resource and Referral Information