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Camping in Clear Creek County
Clear Creek County
Planning Department
1111 Rose Street
Georgetown, CO  80444

Ph: (303) 679-2430

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Camping in Un-Incorporated Clear Creek County
Clear Creek County is a wonderful place to camp! There are lots of developed campgrounds, and undeveloped areas on United States Forest Service land to camp. Plus there is limited camping allowed on county open space property. Camping is also allowed on private property depending on the duration of your camping, and the zoning district of the property that you wish to camp. The information provided in this brochure is provided to help you understand the different types of camping, and what permits and approvals are required to camp on private land within un-incorporated Clear Creek County.

Private Camping
Non-commercial tent and/or *RV camping allowing the owner or guests to camp up to 2 consecutive weeks per year on their property, and up to 1 month per year with a Temporary Camping Permit.

Seasonal Employee Campgrounds
These campgrounds are generally tied to rafting or other outdoor recreational land uses for the
business owners’ employees, and for a duration to cover the rafting/recreation season in Clear
Creek County (generally from May – August), however no longer than 6 months. If the property for which these uses are occurring is zoned C-OR or C-TR, the applicant must go through an Administrative Development Review (ADR) process to ensure conformance to the Clear Creek County Development Standards. If the subject property is not zoned C-OR or C-TR, then the applicant must obtain a Special Use Permit for this request.
Event Camping
Commercial camping taking placefor a short period of time (usually over an extended weekend). Large land areas are delineated acting as one campsite with temporary amenities, water, and sanitation facilities. These types of requests require a Temporary Special Use Permit. However, if the property is zoned C-OR or C-TR, only an Administrative Development Review may be required.

Permanent Campgrounds
Campground areas that are developed with permanent facilities and amenities in mind utilizing the land area in a permanent setting. Depending on the development proposed, the property will either need to be zoned to C-OR, C-TR, or RVP (if the development contains 10 or more RV sites). Additionally, review of this type of development can either take place administratively, through an ADR or through a full development review (if thresholds are triggered). A Recreational Vehicle Park Development Plan may also be required if the property is zoned RVP.*RV camping is restricted to 9 or less units unless the property is zoned RVP.
Permits and Processes
Permits and processes for each type of camping are identified within, however, please contact the planning department directly to ensure that your request is appropriate for your zoning district, and for specifics related to your request. At minimum, all types of camping as described above will need to comply with Section 10 – Development Standards, of the Clear Creek County Zoning Regulations. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment also has standards for campgrounds and recreation areas that you should be aware of.

Clear Creek County Zoning Regulations
Applicable sections:
Section 5 – Commercial Districts
Section 8 – Recreational Vechicle/Commercial Camping Park District
Section 10- Development Standards
Section 12- Special Use Permits
Section 20 – Development Review 

Department of Public Health Standards and Regulations for Campgrounds and Recreation Areas

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