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Northern Front Range Recreational Sport Shooting Management Partnership


In October of 2012 Clear Creek County joined forces with Boulder County, Gilpin County, Larimer County, USDA Forest Service (Arapaho/Roosevelt) and the Colorado Parks & Wildlife to form the Northern Front Range Recreational Sport Shooting Management Partnership (NFRRSSMP).  The purpose of this partnership is to develop a landscape-level, multi-jurisdictional strategy to provide safe, responsible and accessible recreational sport shooting opportunities while addressing conflicts near residential areas and with other recreation users across the northern Colorado Front Range.

The NFRRSSMP’s strategy consists of 3 key pieces.

1.      Each county identify potential designated shooting areas.  The NFRRSSMP developed preliminary criteria for the Counties to utilize in locating potentially suitable shooting areas that could be developed.  A map of the Clear Creek County results can be found here.  Each County then developed their own additional criteria to review each site, Clear Creek County’s criteria can be found here.  Clear Creek County has currently reviewed 29 different locations throughout the County and has identified 2 possible sites to develop.  

o   Devil’s Nose:  This site was recommended to the Forest Service and they are currently working on a plan to develop this site.  Click here to view the USFS Decision Memorandum for Devil’s Nose

o   Pinkerton Gulch (formerly Bakerville):  The County is conducting a feasibility study on this privately owned site.  During the week of May 11th, 2015 the County conducted two sound tests at the site, met with local citizens, and the Silver Plume town Council.  A resulting list of FAQ’s and County responses is available below. Clear Creek County asked the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to review the site for Wildlife Impacts, their response can be found here.  The County is also working with the USFS Civil Engineers to develop a possible layout/design of the site.

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2.      The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests has begun an analysis on how to provide safe, sustainable Recreational Sport Shooting opportunities while providing for the health and safety of recreationists and residents.  This will be accomplished through their Forest Plan Amendment.  For the latest information on this effort, please visit the Sport Shooting Partnership website.

 o    Commissioner's Response to 2015 Proposal


3.      The Partnership will provide information and education for safe and responsible shooting.

o   View the videos

o   Download the flyers: 3-fold printable brochure or 2 sided 8.5x11 flyer