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Construction Permits

Steps to Obtaining a Permit to Install or Repair an OWTS:
All OWTS work (installations, repairs and upgrades) is to be performed under an issued permit. The following steps are the best way to go about obtaining an OWTS permit in a timely fashion:

(1) The first step of this process is to retain an engineer to design the system installation or repair. A list of engineers is available towards the bottom of this page. The engineer will design your system based on what will be best for your needs and what the property will allow, while ensuring your system will be in compliance will all applicable regulations.

(2) After receiving a design, you will need to retain a Clear Creek County Licensed Systems Contractor who will be responsible for the work outlined in the engineering and permit. If you are interested in installing your own system, you may do so, however you will need to become licensed for your project. For more information on Clear Creek County Licensed Systems Contractors, or how to become licensed, please contact Denise Tennant at or 303-679-2428.

(3) Applying for your permit is the next step. A full and complete On-site Wastewater Treatment System Application Packet must be submitted, with payment before the review of your submittal can begin. Applications can be submitted online, and fees can be collected over the phone. You may also walk in or mail in your application submittals to:

Clear Creek County Environmental Health
P.O. Box 2000
Georgetown, CO 80444

 (3) Once all applicable forms and fees are submitted, the permit review process can begin. It is currently taking an average of 7-10 days to conduct the preliminary review, site evaluation and issue the permit. Please keep in mind that this may be longer or shorter depending on the scope of your project, and any needed changes.

(4) After the permit has been issued, construction may commence. A system may not be placed into use until after the permit has been finaled and approved for use by the Clear Creek Environmental Health Department. 

What Type of Permit Do I Need:
New Construction ($800)
This permit is for any new system being installed or for existing systems where 2 or more components are being changed, altered, added or replaced. 

Repair or Alteration ($500)
This permit is for any existing system where ONLY 1 component is being changed, altered, added or replaced. Please be advised that some repairs may fall under a new construction permit.

Vault Systems ($350)
This permit is for the installation of a system that only includes a vaulted component. There is no soil treatment area installed with these systems. Vault permits may require  Board of Health approval, prior to permit issuance.

Self-Contained Toilet ($130)
This permit is for composting, chemical, or incinerating toilets that are completely self-contained and do not require any construction.