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The Clear Creek County Open Space Commission currently manages almost 5,000 acres.  Below is a listing of the properties with their location and acreage.  The total cost of all properties to date is just under $9 million.  Since the year 2000, taxpayers have contributed about $2.8 million through a one mil levy property tax approved by voters.  The remaining lands were obtained by the Open Space Commission via grants, donations, and exchanges; in order to preserve and maintain the county's unique character and natural environment by protecting our streams, woodlands, meadows, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, prominent vistas, geologic features and cultural resources to enhance the quality of life for residents and the enjoyment of the out-of-doors for residents and visitors.

Alps Mtn Idaho Springs 340
Americ, Cosmos, Artic -Portion Georgetown 9
Anna Claim Silverdale 5
Autocrat/King George Sheepkeep 14
Bear Pen Ranch Idaho Springs 15
Beaver Brook(2) Evergreen 538
Blackwood Claim Alps Mtn 5
Blue Hill Dumont 14
Canyon Gates Clear Creek Canyon 49
Capital Prize Silverdale 100
County Lands Alps Mtn/Sheepkeep 330
Elmgreen Homestead Floyd Hill 110
FH--CCCanyon Floyd Hill North 300
Frei Oxbow Access Parcel Clear Creek Canyon 7
Frei Parcels Clear Creek Canyon 54
Geneva Iron Fens Guanella Pass 110
Guanella Pass Road Silverdale 22
Inholdings Waldorf 25
Jack Hardwood Idaho Springs 5
Jackson Parcels Dumont 3
Kaufman Claims Sheepkeep 25
Lawson WWP Lawson 10
Lila B Waldorf 5
Maggie/Morningstar Idaho Springs 10
Masonville Hidden Valley 119
Mill Creek Meadow Dumont 27
N. America Claim Georgetown 5
Noblit/Shannon  Sheepkeep 20
Oakley Mining Claims Silverdale 71
Oakley Rec Area Waldorf 127
Oxbow Canyon 76
Philadelphia Mill Site Dumont 3
Rovetta Claims Sheepkeep 20
Saxon Mtn Georgetown 600
Scott Claims Waldorf 13
Shadows Ranch Georgetown 60
Sheep Habitat Sheepkeep 1600
Snyder Mtn Evergreen 40
Venwood Idaho Springs 5
Total Acres  4,892