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Current Conditions
Warren Gulch Trail

Clear Creek County Greenway
Several sections of the Greenway Trail are undergoing construction and may be temporarily closed or require detour:

  • The trail segment from Georgetown to Silver Plume is undergoing improvements and contractors are utilizing heavy construction equipment.  This section of trail is mostly closed to users through July, 2019.

  • The trail segment from Idaho Springs (Hwy 103/Mt. Evans Road at the USFS building) to Fall River Rd has been undergoing construction and re-alignment. This section of trail should be opened in July, 2019.  Please use caution and note the new alignment.

  • The trail segment from the Game Check Station on county road 314 (near I-70 exit# 243) along the river and crossing the Scott Lancaster memorial bridge back over to 314 is closed during construction activities at the wastewater treatment plant until sometime in 2020. A new bridge is being built and the Scott Lancaster bridge moved.  Trail users should bypass this section of trail by remaining on county road 314.  Note - the trailhead amenities, including the parking lot and restrooms, at the Game Check station will remain open.