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Transportation Study

Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties Finish Transit Survey, Public Comments Due by May 11th, Presentation is May 15th

Clear Creek County Communications, Colo.  – Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties have completed their joint transit assessment and planning study, started in October 2017.  The study helps decision makers identify the transit needs of both Counties—including highlighting current gaps, possible solutions and funding/support mechanisms that best work for the communities supported. 

Among the many recommendations, the study identified the need to improve access/public transportation to things such as:  employment, healthcare, education, shopping, recreational opportunities and other services (human services) in and around the County.  It focused on existing conditions around the County, identifying the gaps and needs (based on public input), developing strategies/prioritizations, and potential solutions and options available for both Counties’ residents and visitors.   

For Clear Creek specifically, the study identified several needs---expanding the Prospector bus service to include more hours daily; connecting to RTD services; coordination with the US Forest Service (connect to high-use trailheads, lessen traffic impacts); better information to residents and visitors on available transit services within the County; organize a Local Coordinating Council to facilitate conversations with local transportation services/providers; seek out other funding opportunities. 

“We really appreciated the hard work of our consultant (Felsburg Holt & Ullevig), the transportation teams from both Counties, and the crucial input from our residents and visitors,” said JoAnn Sorensen, County Transportation Liaison.  “This study truly helps the County and other transit providers identify where those needs are, and what we can focus on to provide a crucial service to so many,” she added.   

For the complete study, go to: . 

For those without access to the online study, hard copies can be read at the Clear Creek County Courthouse (John Bryan), the County Annex in Georgetown (JoAnn Sorensen), the Clear Creek Resource Center (Idaho Springs) lobby, the John Tomay Memorial Library (Georgetown), and the Idaho Springs Public Library.   Public comments should be sent to JoAnn Sorensen, County Transportation Liaison, at by 4:30pm, May 11th.  The public is invited to attend the presentation to the Clear Creek County Board of Commissioners in their hearing room, County Courthouse (405 Argentine St., Georgetown) on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.