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Emergency Management
Suzanne Boccia
(303) 679-4237

405 Argentine St.
P.O. Box 2000
Georgetown, CO 80444

Ph: (303) 679-2320
Fx: (303) 679-2438
Clear Creek Office of Emergency Management

The Clear Creek County Office of Emergency Management prepares for managing the consequences of natural and human-caused disasters, emergencies, and events. This is done through a comprehensive program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Activities & Responsibilities
  • Mitigation: Activities that eliminate or reduce the chance of occurrence or effects of a disaster
  • Preparedness: The time prior to the onset of a threat, emergency, or disaster; it involves planning and activities that are focused on improving the overall capability of responding to and managing emergencies or disasters
  • Increased Readiness: Responding to the forecast of a disaster; county departments monitor and assess conditions that could develop into a major emergency or disaster situation and keep the Office of Emergency Management informed of any potential problems
  • Response: This starts at the onset of an emergency or disaster event and continues until the situation is stabilized or brought under control
  • Initial Relief and Recovery: This starts as soon as the situation becomes stabilized and continues until essential services are re-established and long-term recovery planning and redevelopment activities can begin

Disaster management, and the resources to deal with it, require a partnership among all levels of government, the private / business sector, voluntary organizations, and the general public / community.

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Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) - For more information, on the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) contact the Office of Emergency Management staff