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Treasurer/Public Trustee 

405 Argentine Street
PO Box 2000
Georgetown, CO 80444

(303) 679-2353

(303) 679-2459

Link: County Treasurer/ Public Trustee

The County Treasurer is responsible for mailing property tax statements, collecting property taxes, and disbursing the taxes to the individual taxing authorities (schools, cities/towns, special districts, etc.). The Treasurer's Office receives all monies sent to Clear Creek County and maintains a proper accounting of all money, disbursements and investments of the County. Article XIV, Sec. 8 of the Constitution of the State of Colorado is the authority by which the Treasurer operates. Activities of the office are directed by the Legislature of the State of Colorado by Statute. The Treasurer is an elected official serving a four-year term. The present treasurer and Public Trustee of Clear Creek County is Irene Kincade. The powers and Duties of the Public Trustee are defined in Title 38 of Colorado Revised Statute. These duties include executing Release Deeds of Trust and processing documents pertaining to foreclosures on property located in Clear Creek County. The Public Trustee Office is located in the Courthouse within the Treasurer’s Office at 405 Argentine, Georgetown, Colorado.
Name Title Email Phone
Lee, Carol Treasurer & Public Trustee (303) 679-2329
Paradise, Jan Chief Deputy Treasurer (303) 679-2328