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Can I camp on my property?
A recreational vehicle within the County for a period of two (2) weeks from the time such recreational vehicle first arrives in the County, provided that during such time sanitary facilities are available at all times to the occupants of the recreational vehicle. For additional information, please contact the Planning Department at (303) 679-2436.

LUG - Planning

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1. How can I find out how a property is zoned?
2. What are the required building setbacks and allowed uses in my zoning district?
3. Can I subdivide my property into several lots?
4. Will subdividing change my property tax status?
5. Does the County enforce covenants?
6. Can I just deed property to my children without going through the subdivision process?
7. How do I determine where my property boundaries are?
8. How do I file a complaint?
9. Can I camp on my property?
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11. Can I leave my recreational vehicle on my property year around?
12. Can I put a mobile home on my property?
13. Can I have animals, small livestock, and large livestock including horses?
14. What can I do when someone trashes their property with incomplete, extensively damaged, or unlicensed vehicles, and Junk?
15. How can I obtain a copy of the Clear Creek County Land Use Regulations?
16. Can I live on my property during the construction of my primary residence?
17. Can I build a storage shed (accessory structure) on my property if it is vacant land, and if so, do I need a building permit?
18. Can I build a storage shed (accessory structure) on my property if I have a house, and if so, do I need a building permit?