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I am looking at a piece of property and want to make sure it is buildable.
Various departments within the Community Development Division can help you answer this question. First, be sure you have the physical address of the property or the legal description or parcel number or Assessor’s “R” number. The name of the current owner could also facilitate your research.

Then our Planning Department can assist you in determining if the zoning is appropriate for your proposed use.

The next question you will want to explore is the legal and physical access to the property. Our Site Development Department can assist you in this determination, but you may need to engage a title insurance company for a definitive answer. Site Development personnel can also help you analyze site characteristics that will influence the ease or difficulty of developing the site.

One more aspect to explore is how you will provide water and sanitation on the site. Our Environmental Health Department can assist you with analyzing this issue.

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1. I am looking at a piece of property and want to make sure it is buildable.
2. My parcel of land is in the middle of nowhere in the mountains and all I want to do is build a basic camping cabin. Why do I have to have a water supply, sewer, a bathroom and a kitchen?
3. How do I find out if there is legal access to a specific property?
4. I am looking for a map of a specific property. What maps are available?
5. Can I capture runoff from my downspouts in a rain barrel?
6. Can I put a shed on my property to store equipment or camping gear before I decide to build?
7. Can I park my RV and/or camp on my property?
8. Why does the county have all of these land use rules? Why can’t I just do what I want with my property?