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How do I schedule getting on the agenda with the Board of County Commissioners?
The Commissioners have set in place a hierarchy of departments to assist you with your question more quickly and efficiently than waiting for a time on the agenda. Should you not reach resolution with our Directors and fellow Elected Officials, you can Contact Beth Luther (303)679-2312 to schedule with either the County Administrator or the Board of Commissioners.
Division Directors:
Land Use (building, planning, zoning, environmental health): Frederick Rollenhagen-
Public Works (road & bridge, noxious weeds): Rod Hamilton-
Special Projects (water, county lands for sale, reservoirs): Lisa Leben -
Finance (budgets and Human Resources): Carl Small -
Health & Human Services (Ambulance, Emergency Management, Public Health, Social Services): Cindy Dicken -
Information Technology: John Bottomley,
Mapping, GIS: Matt Taylor -
County Archivist: Alexis Ehrgott,

County Clerk & Recorder (motor vehicle tags, elections, voter registration): Pam Phipps -
County Treasurer & Public Trustee (payment of property taxes, foreclosures, tax lien sales): Irene Kincade -
County Assessor (property values, property value protests, abatements): Diane Settle -
County Sheriff (public safety, law enforcement): Rick Albers,


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1. How do I schedule getting on the agenda with the Board of County Commissioners?
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