Why is the emergency/max allotment ending?

SNAP Emergency or Max Allotment is ending with the benefit month of February 2023 due to recent congressional action. Colorado was approved to issue additional SNAP benefits due to the State and Federal emergency declarations that were in place during the pandemic. There is nothing the state or counties can do to extend the emergency allotment benefits once they have ended.

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1. What is EA (emergency allotments), also known as maximum allotments (MA)?
2. Why is the emergency/max allotment ending?
3. How will this impact me?
4. Will I still get SNAP benefits after the emergency/max allotment ends?
5. When will SNAP max allotment end?
6. I received a notice that my SNAP benefits will be reduced/closed. Can I appeal?
7. How much will my benefits be after maximum allotment ends?