Clear Creek EMS by the Numbers


2022 Quick Stats

  • 1,791 calls for service
  • 810 people transported
  • 292 reported injuries
  • Over 3.5x national average of out of hospital cardiac arrest patient's discharged from the hospital with good neurologic outcomes
  • 19 Full-time Paramedics and EMT's including 1 Community Paramedic and 10 Critical Care Paramedics, as well as 1 Licensed Crisis Clinician
  • 2 advanced life support ambulances staffed 24/7

Averaging close to 1,800 calls for service per year, CCEMS employs 17 full-time Paramedics and EMT’s including one Community Paramedic and 11 Critical Care Paramedics. Clear Creek EMS also employs one full-time Licensed Crisis Clinician as part of CCHAT (Clear Creek Health Assistance Team). Two advanced life support ambulances are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with three more fully-equipped ambulances available if the need arises. Standard equipment carried on ambulances includes 12-lead cardiac monitoring, advanced airway and breathing equipment, capnography, transport ventilators, and over 30 medications.

2022 Primary Impression Encounters

Click here to see a PDF of the data.

Primary Impression Breakdown Report 2022: a graph of CCEMS calls