Community Health Improvement

Clear Creek County Public & Environmental Health (CCCPEH) recently published a local Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for 2018-2022.  This action plan was informed by Community Health Assessments completed for the county in 2017.  Health Needs Assessments were completed in 2013 as well; followed by a 2013-2017 Public Health Improvement Plan (PHIP).

The Colorado Public Health Act (SB 08 194) mandates that each local Public Health Agency (LPHA) perform health assessments to determine population health.  It requires assessment results be used to develop a community health improvement plan (CHIP) every five years.  The local community plans are used to improve local health outcomes and to inform the larger statewide Health Improvement Plan. The process requires community involvement and interdisciplinary partnership toward health oriented priorities through goal setting and action planning. 

The Clear Creek County Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan documents are available at these links:

County Health Priorities for 2018-2022

  • Youth Substance Abuse
  • Youth Mental Health
  • Access to Care

Action plans for these priorities can be found in the 2018 Health Improvement Plan.

For more information and/or to get involved in the Health Assessment and Planning process, please email Laura Robertson or call @ 303-670-7539.