Current Conditions

Trails Status

Trail System Status
County Trails  (Floyd Hill Open Space)
USFS Trails  (Herman Gulch, Grays & Torreys, St. Mary's Glacier, etc.) Open
HDPLC Trails (Silver Dale, Argentine Central, 7:30 Mine, Silver Creek, Rutherford, etc.) Open
       ACG has a large ice patch approx 1/4 mile up from the Silver Plume trail-head.  Bring spikes or snow shoes and            use extreme caution when crossing it.       Open
       Silver Creek trail has a large ice patch at the bridge ~1mi from Georgetown trail-head. Bring spikes or snow                  shoes and use extreme caution when crossing it. Open
CPW Trails (Union Pass) Open
Clear Creek Greenway (Peaks-to-Plains trail within Clear Creek County)
        Scott Lancaster segment (details below)

Scott Lancaster Trail

  • 10/28/2019 - The section of the Greeenway from the Game Check Station (I-70 exit# 243) to County road 314  (East Idaho Springs Rd, including the Scott Lancaster Memorial Bridge, is closed while the waste water treatment plant is being upgraded.  Please use the detour on road 214 until construction is completed,  which may take up to 2yrs.