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Clear Creek County OWTS Licensed Installer Application Form

  1. Type of License*
    Please select if you are submitting for a new/reinstate expired license or are renewing an already active license.
  2. Please provide the name of the company that will be represented on the license.
  3. Mailing Address for Company
  4. Phone Number for Company
  5. Email Address for Company
  6. Please include the name of the individual applying for the license.
  7. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please provide the name of the County you tested in.
  8. Clear Creek black
  9. *Disclaimer*
    By submitting this form you hereby certify that if you applying for a license to perform work on and install onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) in Clear Creek County. You hereby agree to conduct all OWTS work in accordance with the Clear Creek County OWTS Regulations. You understand that if a license is issued that your license may be revoked if reason presents itself per the Clear Creek County OWTS Regulation. You understand that a license is active from one calendar year from the date of issue and that you may reapply for your license prior to expiration for a decreased fee and will not be required to retake the exam, unless there is a regulatory change stating otherwise. You must obtain a minimum passing grade of 75% to receive a license.
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