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Community Integrated Healthcare System (CIHCS)

Formerly known as the Community Paramedic Program, the Community Integrated Healthcare System (CIHCS) is a community-based program that includes not only Clear Creek EMS, but public health nurses, social service caseworkers, and anyone in the County who has an interest in improving the quality of life for people living in Clear Creek County.

CIHCS has a variety of programs to help people here in the County, especially those who need it most.  More information on this program is coming soon, check back for updates!

Fall-Risk Assessments

One of the many things CIHCS works with the community on is fall-risk assessments. A fall-risk assessment involves using tools that are shown to be effective in specifying the causes of falls in an individual.  As a person's health and circumstances change, reassessment is necessary and recommended for their homes and residence to ensure they are safe.

The following are some steps Clear Creek EMS can take to work with individuals to make their homes safer:

  • Check to see if furniture, cords, and other objects are in the way
  • Make sure commonly used items (medication, cookware, etc.) are reachable
  • Ensure railings are secure
  • Supply night lights for adequate lighting around residence
  • Supply tape/rug mats to make rugs and carpets secure
  • Help coordinate anything that needs more than just a simple fix

You can request an in-home visit from Clear Creek EMS for yourself or a loved one. EMS will also bring someone from the fire department to make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. To request a visit, fill out the form below.

If you have any questions, email

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