Fee Schedule

Current Fee Schedule

These fees will apply until December 31, 2016

Current Fee Schedule (PDF)

New Clear Creek County Planning Department Fees Start January 1st

Dec. 19, 2016 - Clear Creek County Communications, Colorado –The Board of County Commissioners approved a revised Planning Department fee schedule revision, presented by Fred Rollenhagen, Community Development Division Director and Planning Director. During the meeting, Rollenhagen presented the Board with a current fee schedule for the County, a comparison fee schedule of neighboring counties, and the proposed fee schedule—all with the plan of helping the Planning Department's fees come more in line with current costs associated with land use cases such as rezoning, subdivision, variance requests, and administrative costs associated with Staff time. 

For most of our land use case processes, we simply haven't kept up with the true costs associated with those services that our residents have needed over the years, said Rollenhagen. Most of our fees have remained the same for well over 15 years, while our costs to administer them certainly have increased,  he added.

Given the potential Henderson Mine closure, the Planning Department needs to amend its current fee structure to become less reliant on the General Fund. The current fee structure only covers about 20% of the cost of providing these services. The rest of the cost is covered by the County's General Fund.

These changes are necessary to keep this critical service available for Clear Creek County, said Rollenhagen. Even with the changes, the projected fee increases are not expected to cover all the department's allocated costs. This fee increase is only one piece of the budgeting puzzle. The other piece is to reduce the Planning Department's expenditures which includes reducing the department's overall workforce, and streamlining regulations and processes so less time and money are spent on these various land use requests. And, we're working on this part as we speak.

For more information on the fee changes, visit the New Fee Schedule (PDF)