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  1. Boards/Commissions Application Form

    Boards/Commissions Application Form

EMS Intranet Forms

  1. Briefing

    safety, vehicle maintenance, training, news, updates

  2. Fall-Risk Assessment in-home visit request form:

    Fill out this form to request an in-home visit from Clear Creek EMS to make sure your home or your loved ones home is safe.

  3. Vehicle Management
  1. Comments? Suggestions? Let us know what you think!

    Let us know how we did, or a leave a message for Clear Creek EMS!

  2. Sign Up for the File of Life Program
  3. Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Environmental Health

  1. Animal Bite Reporting Form

    This is a form that you may utilize to report an animal bite. This form will be sent to Clear Creek County Environmental Health and... More…

  2. Environmental Health Complaint Form
  1. Clear Creek County OWTS Licensed Installer Application Form

    After submitting this form you will be contacted by the Clear Creek County Environmental Health Department to collect payment and move... More…


  1. 2022 Building Permit Submittal

    Please use this form to upload any application documents. You will receive a confirmation e-mail generated manually by a human... More…

  2. Open Burn Notification for Individuals with Respiratory Conditions

    Individuals with a respiratory condition may request to be notified of proposed open burning of slash piles. Individuals with a... More…

  3. Pre-Application Meeting Request Form
  4. Referral Response Planner I
  5. Referral Response Planning Director
  6. Re-Roof, Re-Siding, Window and Door Replacement Permits
  7. Zoning Complaint Form
  1. Community Development Customer Service Survey
  2. Permit submittal
  3. Referral Response County Engineer
  4. Referral Response Planner II
  5. Referral Response Senior Planner
  6. Special Event Referral Agency Sign off Form

    Please provide any comments, concerns or conditions required by your agency for the approval of this Special Event Permit

Public Health

  1. COVID-19 Symptom Reporting Form

    Please fill out a single form for EACH person showing symptoms. With community-level transmission of COVID-19 confirmed across... More…

  2. Life-Rite Venue Plan Approval

    In compliance with Clear Creek County requirements, all venues/event spaces wanting to hold life-right ceremonies (such as weddings)... More…

  1. General Gatherings and Special Events Form

    In compliance with Clear Creek County requirements, all venues/event spaces wanting to hold life-right ceremonies (such as weddings)... More…

  2. Name and Phone

    Pub Health

Sheriff's Office

  1. Anonymous Crime Tips
  2. File a Non-Emergency ("Cold") Criminal Report
  3. File a Theft Report
  4. House Watches

    The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office will check your residence or business for up to 30 days while you are away. Please fill out the... More…

  5. Request Contact by a Deputy
  1. Business Owner Form
  2. File a Ski/Snowboard Theft Report
  3. General Comments
  4. Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Report
  5. Traffic Complaints & Comments for County Roads

    Please let us know about your traffic concerns or complaints. We are always watching for problems but also rely on your input to help... More…